Agility and Obedience Dog Training and Competition

Agility Classes


What is AGILITY?

Dog agility is an interactive Team Sport between a Dog and Handler. Agility takes basic dog training to a new level of training and fun. Agility is Not taking your dog to a playground to play by themselves on equipment. In the game of agility, the handler directs the dog through an agility course comprised of a mixture of agility obstacles in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs must be able to run off leash through the course. The Handler directs the dog by motion, movement, verbal and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the animal and coordination of the handler.

Classes are taught at the Animal Barn in Mobile AL. Pre – Registration through the Animal Barn for desired class is strongly recommended to hold your slot in class. Class sizes are limited. Applications and waivers can be downloaded from LOFDT website or the Animal Barn website.

Agility Classes Offered

Beginning Agility – Foundation Classes Basic Obedience skills and a dog able to work with you off leash in the presence of other dogs and distractions are a Pre Requisite for Agility Classes. Dogs will be familiarized with agility equipment.  Teams will be taught foundation and ground work skills needed to play the sport of agility. Teams will also be shown various exercises to work with your dog at home for general fitness and as warm ups before training.

Novice Agility Handling Dog and Handlers teams will begin to put their foundation skills together in short training sequences.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons are by appointment

CLASS FEES: $120 for six weeks set of classes.

Animal Barn/Pet Paradise
9211 Cottage Hill Road
Mobile, AL 36695
Phone: (251) 633-6336
Fax: (251) 633-9901
Rainouts will be made up.

Class Application Class Waiver

    1. Praise for your dog
    2. Flat or rolled buckle collar
    3. A 4 to 6 foot nylon or leather leash. NO chain or Flexi leashes please.
    4. Favorite toy(s).
    5. Treats – small, bite sized. “Special” treats such as string cheese, hot dogs, or your dinner on class night.
  1. Water for Dog and Handler.
  2. A HUNGRY DOG. Please do not feed your dog before class, especially if he/she is not very food motivated.
  3. Imagination and willingness to buy HAVE FUN!


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