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For MBDTC AND MMAC Agility Trials:  Completely fill out the appropriate entry form(s) for the trials you would like to enter and digitally sign them.  Email your form in a PDF file to nonaleard@comcast.net.  I will send you a pay pal invoice.  Once the payment has been received, your entry will be accepted.  You will receive a confirmation email from me.  If you do not receive an email within 3 days, please contact me.

ALL OTHER CLUBS, Follow instructions for online entries in the premium for the club(s) trials you would like to enter.

NOTE:  3% will be added to your invoice to cover pay pal fees.

Feel free to use other online entry services that may be offered which would be included the premium for the club trials you are entering. Snail mailed entries are also accepted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email.

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