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I have been training and teaching obedience and agility since 1999. I currently train and compete in obedience, agility and herding. I have qualified and competed in AKC and USDAA Agility nationals numerous times. We have earned numerous titles in multiple venues, performance and companion events including championship titles.

My training methods are reward based. My training philosophy is: everything we do is a game; however they are my games. I control when games begin and  end. I use praise, treats, toys, sheep, ducks, or whatever reward is of value for the specific game or skill we are training.  I do not follow a particular agility handling “system”.  I prefer obstacle/handler focus based agility training paired with motion and verbal ques.  It’s all about keeping whatever game we are playing FUN for both dog(s) and human.

I take lessons, attend seminars, and training camps with the best competitors and trainers in the dog training world throughout each year. Most seminars and camps are agility, obedience or herding focused. I routinely take online classes with instructors from all over the world. I also enjoy watching dog training videos, DVD’s, and of course reading about dog training in general. The seminars, camps, lessons and video not only keep my training skills up to date, but I personally enjoy the love of learning and developing a better bond with each of my dogs.

My current family of dogs consists of three border collies and one pyrenean shepherd.  Joy, Kip, Grace and Trick.  Due to age and injury, Joy and Trick are now retired.  Grace and Kip are still competing in agility and enjoy herding and other fun games.   Flash, Hope and Faith sadly have gone to the rainbow bridge.  They are missed

Trick passed his FSA Urban Search and Rescue, Live Find Type II test.  We were members of Alabama Task Force 1,  but Trick is now retired.

We  have had numerous foster dogs of all shapes and sizes come through our household through the years. Most of the fosters have been brought into our home by my animal lover daughter. We have had the opportunity to help work with these dogs and work through the myriad of issues they might have to help them learn to live in our world and find their forever homes.

My current and past dogs have been or are retired Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society) therapy dogs, TDI Therapy Dog International, and R.E.A.D (Reading Education Assistance Dog).  Trick and I are former members of Alabama Task Force 1 – AL TF-1 Urban Search and Rescue.

To date; I am the current Treasurer and Agility Trial Secretary for Mobile Bay Dog Training Club.. Past offices have been President, Vice President, and Obedience Trial Secretary. Our family has been members of MBDTC since 1997.  I am also the treasurer and Trial Secretary for Mississippi Mavericks Agility Club.

I am a Licensed Agility Trial Secretary with the American Kennel Club. I am the Agility Trial Secretary for a number of training clubs in AL, MS, FL, and LA.

I am currently an AKC Agility Course Test (ACT), S.T.A.R, CGC, CGCA and CGCU Evaluator.


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